Quickly eliminate all duplicates

AcuteFinder offers many options on how to find and delete duplicate files.  This post describes how you can almost automatically eliminate all duplicates:

After a successful scan, you can eliminate all duplicates by right-clicking on the list of found files, and choose “Mark all” (or “Select all”) from the pop-up menu. Then all files listed will be selected, and you only have to press the Delete-key or click the delete icon on the toolbar.

However, this is method has one drawback: You are not in control of which files will be deleted and which will be retained. The reason is that AcuteFinder can’t tell which file is the “original” and which is a copy, since they are all the same. Try to use the option “Mark all but one”, or limit the search to specific folders or file types, and if you are using the Protection option to define which folders contain the “originals”, then this method is a great way to go.

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