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Free up space and reduce clutter on your disks

AcuteFinder will help you to find duplicate files on your system and delete them. It’s simple, easy, and safe to use, and costs as little as $14 to buy.

AcuteFinder not only takes into account items like file name, size or timestamp, but reads through possible duplicates and calculates their checksums. This way, it is guaranteed that the files are really identical, and you can delete the extra copies with full confidence.

AcuteFinder can find files that have different names, like “my.doc” and “Copy of my.doc”. Basically, if files are of the same size and have the same checksum, they are considered identical. AcuteFinder uses by default CRC32, a 32-bit checksum, but you can choose to use MD5 hash (128-bit) as a final step in file comparison for even more accuracy.

As easy to use as 1-2-3

Using AcuteFinder is easy — you just have to:

  • Define search criteria and press the Start-button
  • Review the list of found files, and mark those you want to delete/move
  • Delete or move those files!

That’s all there is to it. You can select one or many files at a time, using the Windows conventional method of holding the Ctrl or Shift-keys while clicking with the mouse.

Alternatively, you can select all files listed using Ctrl-A and press Delete for fast cleanup of duplicate files. AcuteFinder by default retains at least one file from each set of duplicates, so you can rest assured that one copy will remain.