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Blog for AcuteFinder’s users


This is a new blog site to help AcuteFinder’s users to share ideas and experience of using the program to eliminate duplicate and free up disk space on their computers.

We will post new and useful articles, every now and then, and please feel free to comment on the posts.  If you want to add a post yourself or become a regular contributor, please send us a note via our support page.

Currently, we are preparing the next release of AcuteFinder.  Please vote for the features you would like to see in upcoming versions.  Next version will include various new features, like:

  • List of non-duplicated files
  • More options for file selection
  • Better support for archive files

You can also send us your feedback or testimonial via our support page and email

Best regards,

Ingolfur H. Tryggvason, AcuteFinder’s creator